Sexual Offences

This an area of law that is never far from the media spotlight and it is a stark fact that prosecutions have steadily risen in recent years. Indeed, most contested Crown Court cases (trials) involve allegations of sexual offences of one form or another.

We at CG law offer private criminal defence to the whole range of sexual offence allegations. It is vitally important to have first class representation against often aggressive prosecutions and well-resourced prosecution and police teams. We provide that very top tier of private crime representation by ensuring that we have an equally well resourced and dedicated private defence team to match and fearlessly fight back on your behalf. The Criminal Justice System in this country is adversarial and you do not stand a chance unless you have equality of arms – we guarantee that you do by researching and more than matching whatever legal team the prosecution put together with an exclusive private defence team of your own.

Legislation, case law/precedent and the Criminal Procedure Rules change on a frequent basis meaning that in order to get the best representation clients must chose lawyers (solicitors and advocates) who have expertise and experience in this area. The Crown Prosecution Service only uses lawyers who are approved to prosecute such serious cases with the requisite specialist training, expertise and experience.

It would be very foolish indeed for a client to choose a defence legal team that did not offer the same or a greater skill set. We of course prefer the latter when and where possible. Any client must ask the defence team who is representing them about their expertise and experience in such important and life changing cases.

We have strong and established links with barristers’ chambers throughout the country who boast some of the best criminal barristers in this field of law (both Queen’s Counsel and leading counsel) to provide advice and representation both quickly and as and when required.

Grade 4 is the senior/highest grade of prosecution advocates, routinely instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service in such sensitive and demanding cases. We have counsel available to us in Chambers who are listed at Grade 4 and on the Crown Prosecution Service Rape and Serious Sexual Abuse List, but who also privately defend criminal cases.

We, at CG law, totally understand the sensitivity involved for all people who are facing questioning, or prosecutions for such offences. We therefore provide a thoroughly discreet service for our clients.
Sentences have also risen significantly since the publication of a Sexual Offences Definitive Guideline by theSentencing Council in 2013. Sentences are now passed routinely into double figures.

Regarding sentencing, our lawyers and the private legal teams we put together to represent clients at trial, or on appeal, are very familiar in contesting, and amending Sexual Harm Prevention Orders, which are made on conviction, ensuring that any orders made are fair and relevant to the particular circumstances of the offence.

Our aim at CG Law is, of course, to stop cases reaching trial in the first place, but, if there is a trial, to robustly and fearlessly represent a client to ensure a not guilty verdict.

We therefore provide a thoroughly discreet service for our clients, and have experience in defending a wide spectrum of sexual offences.

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