Motoring Law Offences

This is a highly technical area of law requiring lawyers with the necessary niche legal expertise, and the added ability to assimilate and understand scientific evidence, to successfully defend what are often aggressive and inflexible prosecutions. Such scientific knowledge includes understanding how alcohol breath test and speeding machines operate and how to spot when there have been irreparable problems, causing wholly inaccurate and unreliable readings, for example when the machines have simply not been calibrated properly.

It is our experience that lawyers with the essential technical expertise, and the confidence that comes from dealing with these cases on a frequent basis, can make all the difference between a successful prosecution and a case being ‘thrown out’ of court prior to trial, or a client being found not guilty.

With smarter road policing, and most busy roads now covered by CCTV, our solicitors are being engaged privately to deal with all areas of motoring law on a regular basis. Whether it is driving whilst under the influence of drink or drugs, or speeding offences, our solicitors have the requisite specialist knowledge and experience to assist you.

At CG Law, we readily recognise, that preserving your driving licence, often means saving your livelihood, being able to provide for your family and the ability to continue with your normal day to day life. We will meticulously prepare your case, engaging the relevant expert to assist if required. We will consider your personal circumstances, and can obtain evidence from those close to you, in the event that they will be affected by the loss of your driving licence. We have successfully advanced so-called ‘hardship’ arguments nationwide, to prevent our clients being disqualified after receiving the maximum penalty points, and we will guide you through this complex process from start to end.

We also appreciate that some of the more serious charges such as drink driving can cause huge reputational damage and, if engaged to assist you, we will immediately move to fearlessly protect your interests. In this regard we can advise on dealing with the often unfair media publicity that surrounds the more high profile arrests for cases of this nature.  In 2004, Mr Georgiou was invited to the Houses of Parliament by Tony McWalter, then MP for Hemel Hempstead, in recognition of saving the driving licence of one of his mentally ill constituents who was charged with drink driving.

Other charges of causing death careless or dangerous driving can result in a loss of liberty and our team at CG Law has the necessary experience of dealing with the wide range of circumstances that can lead to such serious and life changing charges. If you face such a serious allegation you need a serious and accomplished legal team in your corner fighting for the best result for you. Instructing CG Law on a private basis ensures that you have just that.

We readily recognise, that preserving your driving licence, often means saving your livelihood and ability to continue your day to day life

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