Drugs Offences

This is another area of crime that has seen a spike rise in prosecutions. The use of mobile phone evidence by the Police to bring prosecutions is now common place, and we have access to cell site experts who can be crucial in such cases.

Our solicitors are very familiar with scenarios where illicit drugs have been found on persons, in motor vehicles and in residential premises. This can be a daunting experience for all involved, and our solicitors have been involved in a range of cases over the years, ranging from simple possession of cannabis and cocaine, to large multi handed drugs supply cases.

Equally, we are also familiar with representing children of well respected individuals who have been caught at festivals or on a night out with illicit drugs. We can provide prompt arrival at a police station or court to deal with any arrest.

Mr Georgiou recently represented a staff member at Heathrow Airport charged with Conspiring with a Columbian Drug Cartel to import cocaine into the United Kingdom.

Regardless at what stage your case is at, we can assist in this field.

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