Indecent Image Cases

Seemingly unfettered access to the internet and social media has led to a wave of prosecutions in this area with alleged offenders being accused of downloading and sharing indecent images.

As with other sexual offences, the sentencing regime set down in the Sexual Offences Definitive Guideline by the Sentencing Council in 2013 is tough.

Also, having your computer, mobile phone or tablet seized by the police is a distressing experience. It can very often take up to a year, and longer, from when a device is seized by the police, until a final decision is made by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Accordingly, it is imperative you seek expert and experienced representation as soon as possible to protect your rights and guide you through the criminal justice process, which can be confusing and dauting even for repeat offenders.

We at CG Law provide the highest quality of representation to private crime clients.

Moreover, we fully appreciate that discretion is paramount, with private client’s reputations, professional/work life and private family lives at stake. We work closely with clients to protect all of these interests.

Expert evidence is often a crucial factor to the success or failure of a case and we have access to some of the best IT, digital data, computer and phone forensic experts to challenge prosecution experts, and other aspects of the prosecution case, when appropriate and necessary to do so. This includes determining when images were downloaded, where they were downloaded to and who downloaded/or shared them. In addition, the grading of images is a crucial factor in determining the level of sentence.

We believe that in an adversarial criminal justice system it is crucial that we put together an exclusive team, dedicated solely to the client’s cause, and a case plan to more than match that of the prosecution.

We fully appreciate that discretion is paramount, and we will work thoroughly and discreetly for you.

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